The Ombudsman for Retail is competent to deal with disputes between a consumer and a retailer. The Ombudsman may refuse complaints for some types of conflicts as set out in detail in Article 1 of his Rules of Procedure. This is the case for complaints for which the value is less than €25 or complaints regarding damage caused by faulty products such as injuries or property damage.

When it refuses the complaint, the Secretariat of the Ombudsman for Retail informs the parties of its decision within 21 days.

Have you tried to reach a solution directly with the retailer? Is the retailer registered with the Ombudsman for Retail? Have you examined the Rules of Procedure? The conciliation procedure may begin!

If you have a cross-border dispute concerning goods or services you purchased online, you can use the European platform to make a complaint and have it resolved by an independent dispute resolution body.